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What Are Landfills?

Solid trash is disposed of in landfills, which are specifically designed for this purpose. As a result, they have long been the most frequent method for disposing of solid garbage. There are many landfills around the world, especially since the amount of waste generated by our homes, schools, offices, hospitals and markets continues to rise. […]

Dumpster Rental Marketing Tips for Junk Removal Companies

Your Dumpsters Are the Best Waste Removal Marketing Tool Simply said, dumpsters are the best advertising asset that a trash rental company can have. They’re like billboards made of steel that are ready to use to spread your message. It is important to think about context when it comes to renting a dumpster because it’s […]

Why Are Landfills Bad For The Environment?

Humans are incapable of changing the reality that they produce waste. Civilisation needs to deal with the problem of waste. More than a tonnes of rubbish is generated by the average British household each year. In total, this amounts to 31 million metric tonnes per year, or the weight of two or three million double-decker […]