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International treaty against plastic pollution: what are the stakes of the negotiations

Pollution Issues Plastic never disappears from ecosystems, it just becomes less visible by breaking up into microplastic particles. The first phase of negotiations to develop an international treaty against plastic pollution was recently held. 400 million. This is the number of tons of plastic produced on Earth each year. The vast majority of waste is […]

The Transportation of Waste Across the USA

The transportation of waste is an essential aspect of managing and maintaining public health and environmental safety in the United States. This comprehensive overview delves into the various aspects of waste transportation, highlighting its significance, regulatory frameworks, transportation methods, challenges, and potential solutions. Waste transportation plays a critical role in the management of solid waste […]

How does a biogas power plant work

The amount of waste produced by the typical metropolis each day is in the hundreds of tonnes, and this figure is continually growing. Currently, waste is disposed of by either burning it or recycling it, even though recycling everything would take more than 200 years. At biogas plants, waste is converted into biogas, which may […]

Revolutionising Waste Management With Smart Bins.

Every year, the city produces around 6 million metric tonnes of solid waste (MSW), a number that is only expected to rise as we become more reliant on consumer goods. Government waste management is obviously expensive, time-consuming, and logistically difficult for the government – as well as we pay for it in our taxes! It’s […]

Benefits and Drawbacks of the Pneumatic Waste System

Pneumatic waste systems have long been thought to be exclusive to the design and industrial sectors. Memos were sent through a complicated network, much like the Jetsons-style tube systems of a early 1900s. Since the 1960s, major cities around the world have relied on pneumatic tube waste disposal systems. These include the likes of London, […]